I am a Thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence and I like being surrounded by people.

Does it sound like a contradiction?

No, not at all! For me, this is what digitization is all about: a good balance between technical progress and curious and brave individuals with emotions.

Being a power woman in the tech field, I see it as my duty to make our future more livable, and this should be FOR the people living it.

I am Kenza!


My Message: the mix makes it - digital and analog. How to combine and develop these combination, that´s what i am talking about. It’s my Passion. It´s my Stage! And it definitely is what we have to discuss!


My books "Menschenversteher", „Keine P@nik, ist nur Technik" and "Meine Freundin Roxy" take away people’s fear of technology and let them get familiar to artificial intelligence.

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All the news on topics like AI, Diversity, Digital Responsibility and Coding need to be shared. I want everyone to participate in innovation and in our future – as a rolemodel for AI I want you to become one, too!


On my journey to AI and Diversity I met many experts, from whom I learned a lot. I believe their expertise is precious and worth being shared with others. That is why I decided to start this blog. I want you to meet them and to learn from their best practices.

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About me

Kenza Ait Si Abbou Lyadini – quite a long last name, isn’t it? Well, this is what makes me special. As my name, I carry with me various backgrounds that enrich my personality.

When I was a little girl, I used to ask my mom to write me simple mathematical equations, that I enjoyed solving. Years later, the paper and the pencil were substituted by a computer, but my passion for numbers only grew further.

As Senior Manager for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the corporate IT of Deutsche Telekom, my team and I build AI solutions for the whole Deutsche Telekom group.  

Artificial intelligence, Diversity and Networking are my passion. I love connecting people from different backgrounds and skills and I find my biggest joy in making new things happen as a result of those connections

Blog - Digital Responsibility Champions

As an active member of the AI community, I witnessed that you cannot talk about technology without talking about the impact it has on society.

I remember once, I was on stage explaining what robotic process automation is. I believe that this technology can relieve us from many repetitive tasks, that are not worth being executed by humans. So, there I was, excited about the potentials and trying to inspire my audience to adopt the technology. Then someone from the audience asked me: “you make it look all good, but this technology has the potential of replacing me, what will I do then?” at that moment I realized how little I was prepared for such questions. My engineering studies included everything I need to build an intelligent machine, but not the psychological basics I need to answer such questions. This is when I started focusing more on the impact technology has on people’s lives.

On this journey I met many experts, from whom I learned a lot. I believe their expertise is precious and worth being shared with others. That is why I decided to start this blog. I want you to meet them and to learn from their best practices.

I hope this can help you start your digital responsibility journey and I would be very grateful, if you share my articles with others, so that we are able to reach a broader audience.


As technologists we have a big responsibility for the technology we build, let us be aware of that and use it accordingly.

For me, the human being should be our focus

Digitization does not happen for its own sake, we need to use the technological progress to make the lives of human beings better. It is important to always recall this purpose in order not to lose the focus. As my professor used to say: “a fool with a tool is still a fool”.
Not all of us need to code, but every single one of us should bring their expertise and knowledge to the table. We are building intelligent machines to free us up from arduous tasks, thus enabling us to take care of the most important things in life. These machines are fed with our data and knowledge. In order to make sure that the machines are aware of the needs, wishes and fears of all humans, we need diverse teams to build them. We need to build an artificial intelligence that serves all.

As a woman, I bring a different perspective to the table than my male colleagues.

My international experience, acquired from being abroad for twenty years, allows me to adopt different perspectives according to the situation.

My professional, social and educational backgrounds offer me the solid foundation I need to navigate in this field.

This experience and learnings from the last years are what I enjoy sharing in Key notes, Talks or workshops.

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