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In many occasions I am the only female AI expert in the round, but I want to change it! I would like to be a good example for aspiring AI experts, go on stage and discuss tech on eye level. Tech is my daily job after all. In fact, I consult different business departments and help them solve their automation challenges. I act as their trusted partner when it comes to building AI and Robotic Process Automation solutions.  

While doing this, I focus on solving business challenges and not selling AI by all means. The human factor, with all its particularities: Empathy, Emotions, Compassion and solidarity, should be considered while designing tech solutions. In an increasingly digitized world, I believe it is important to keep this in mind. Technology should serve humans and not the other way around.

My message is: a good balance between digital and analog makes the difference.

How to accommodate both aspects while building tech solutions, how this becomes increasingly important when building artificial intelligence and how relevant human beings will be despite digitization are the topics I like to discuss

as Keynote

as a speech,

during a Workshop.

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And these are my topics!

AI for everyone

Have you ever felt thick, when people around you are talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Well, don’t worry, it happens to most people not working in the AI field.

In this “Kitchen talk“ I go through the buzz-word jungle of the mainly used AI methodologies and explain them one by one, with simple words, using pictures and situations of our daily life. I give examples of AI usecases from different industries, and for those interested, I can explain the solution developed by the winning team of the AI Hackathon for women only, that I organized in 2018.

No prior knowledge is necessary, this workshop is ideal for beginners. The only pre-requisite is to be interested and open for the topic.


Ethik & Diversity

In an increasingly digitized world, where digital products reach the other side of the planet within seconds, we have to make sure that solutions built by one team serve the needs of all.

Some examples in the past have shown us that this was not the case. Examples like facial recognition solutions tagging dark skin people as gorilla, job search engines offering well paid jobs only to men, or chatbots becoming racist within less than 24h.

Most major tech firms have very homogenous development teams building an AI that only serves the needs of that group. But we are a diverse world and we need to build an AI that serves that diversity.


Female Empowernment

Why are we suffering from a lack of female experts in the IT industry? How can digitization succeed without involving half of the world population? How can we motivate more women to get engaged in the tech industry? How can we improve the share of women in the leadership positions?

I have been dealing with these questions since I started studying electronics in 2000. But since 2012 I am more actively engaged in these topics, since it was the year I started leading the women network at Deutsche Telekom in Germany.

Under the Motto „you can’t be what you can’t see” I decided to engage in various initiatives and programs supporting female students and young professionals, as a Mentor or role model. By sharing my experience and explaining how fun my job can be, I want to encourage more women to follow my path and pursue a career in Tech. And I am also happy to share that experience with a broader audience.


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